Custom TAP

Custom TAP Instructions

1. The hook should be set at a comfortable position, usually at 50% of the distance from the jaw being all the way back and forward.
2. First, place the upper appliance in the mouth, then the lower appliance.
3. Move the jaw forward to hook the two appliances together.
4. If it is not comfortable in this position, give us a call and/or dial back to
relax stretch.

If you still snore or have other symptoms...

With the appliance in place inside your mouth, turn the key to your right (clockwise) ½ turn towards your right ear in order to advance your jaw. You should feel a stretch to jaw /chin. If you are holding the app liance in your hand, you will be turning the key left (counter clockwise) ½ turn which will also advance your jaw.
Do this every night or other night as long as it is comfortable to jaw. Once the snoring and symptoms have stopped, stop adjusting device. If the snoring reappears then start the advancement process again.
If you experience pain or discomfort, turn the key to the left two turns towards your left ear. (Reduces strain/stretch). If the discomfort continues, stop wearing the appliance until the discomfort subsides. Return the hook to the original starting position and start turning the key to the right ½ turn every other night.

Morning Bite Repositioner

1. Place bite form onto lower teeth, now set bite together, top teeth should fit into the aligner, now clench teeth with pressure so that back teeth contact. 2. Hold pressure on back teeth for one minute at a time. 3. Release and remove aligner, now tap teeth up/down and your bite will feel even as before.
4. If it continues to feel off , not even, front hitting more, then repeat steps.
5. Very important to do the exercise to maintain stable bite.

Home Care

In the morning, rinse device toughly with cold or warm water (Never Hot).
Use soap to help remove saliva from device, this will help from calculus build up.
You can use brush around metal hardware and inside trays (gentle motion).
Allow device to dry with air circulating in box or on counter.
Do a weekly soak for disinfecting of TAP.
½ hydrogen peroxide to ½ water mix
Allow soaking for 5 to 10 minutes ONLY . Keep device from heat example: car and suitcases.


MyTAP Instructions

The MyTAP appliance will fit tightly every night and may cause some discomfort. If the appliance is too tight, run it under hot faucet water for about one minute to stretch the material (do not run it under the water long enough for the material to turn clear). Immediately place the appliance in your mouth and leave it in to mold your teeth. After several nights of doing this to the appliance material, it should fit more comfortably and hold its shape.

Adjusting MyTAP

Using the dial, twist left towards the left ear in order to stretch the lower jaw forward to decrease snoring. If snoring continues, turn the dial ½ turn to the left every night until snoring is gone. If jaw pain arises, twist the dial towards your right ear to ease the pain. Relax your jaw and keep the dial at this setting for several days.

Morning Bite Aligner Instructions

Every morning wait 15-20 minutes after taking your TAP appliance out to put the bite aligner in your mouth for a minute. Doing this every morning will help your jaw return to its original position after being held forward all night.

Home Care for MyTAP

1. Brush and floss teeth every night before putting the appliance in mouth 2. In the morning, brush the appliance with liquid soap and water with the brush provided. Clean the appliance thoroughly 3. Shake the water off of the appliance and leave on the counter to dry 4. Once a week, disinfect the appliance by soaking it in ½ hydrogen peroxide, ½ water mixture. Soak it for 5 minutes or less. If your tap has been relined, soak the appliance once every 2 weeks for 5 minutes or less 5. Dry the appliance and never leave it soaking in this mixture 6. Keep appliance away from pets 7. Do not leave the appliance where it can over-heat (car, suitcase, etc.) 8. If traveling, put the appliance in your carry-on bag


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