Peace & Quiet


Welcome to SleepWell Solutions!

SleepWell Solutions is Dallas' leading center for the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. Whether it's simple snoring or complex sleep apnea, we are solely focused on meeting patients where they are in their journey for better, more restorative sleep!

Dr. Thornton and his team have treated thousands of patients. His innovations and leadership in the field of dental sleep medicine have paved the way for new paradigms of care and dentist-physician collaboration worldwide. Our practice addresses individual needs, no matter how severe the issue. Providing excellent patient care and achieving successful treatment outcomes are our top priorities. 

Sleep and Breathing

It's easy to take both sleep and breathing for granted. As we age, both change and not necessarily for the better. Sleep-related breathing disorders typically start with snoring. 

If you think snoring is merely a social inconvenience, think again! Snoring can compromise your sleep quality and your quality of life. ​What's more, snoring may be the sign of something more serious, a chronic condition called sleep apnea that robs you of the quality sleep you need to lead a healthy and productive life.

Our Solutions

We take the long-view on patient care, focusing on achieving optimal results and maintaining those results over time. The key is providing the right therapy for the right patient at the right time


Our practice is the premier provider of TAP Sleep Care, a therapeutic system developed by Dr. Thornton, to treat sleep disordered breathing regardless of severity or how long treatment is needed. This beauty of this system is its ability to evolve to your needs as your needs change over time. 

Restoring Health and Vitality

Successful treatment means you can leave "tired" behind. SleepWell Solutions focuses on restoring health and vitality, so you have the energy to live your best life everyday!